I started this blog to help my friends with their computer related questions. It works better than writing emails or pointing to some tutorial online that may or may not work for them. Please note some old blogs about coding stuff have been moved off to, my portfolio site. Clicking on a link about coding on will actually send you off to

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New stuff

  1. Backing up Atlassian apps properly

Apple stuff

  1. Using Apple Finder (file explorer) effectively
  2. Quit using iPhoto


  1. Bitbucket, WebStorm and Learning Javascript Properly
  2. Using WebStorm effectively to Learn JavaScript Properly

Networking Home

  1. BUFFALO Wireless Router WZR-300HP with DD-WRT
  2. Set up BUFFALO Wireless Router WZR-300HP with DD-WRT as a Client Bridge

Web stuff

  1. Setting up 2-step Authentication in Gmail, using Authenticator in Android phone.
  2. How to use Google Web Font with external CSS file
  3. Getting pelican to work on Mac

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